Amarene Brusche di Modena PGI

Amarene Brusche di Modena PGI is the jam made from the fruit of Prunus cerasus plants, commonly known as sour cherry. In full respect of the traditional recipe, it is produced using only sugar, with no other ingredients added.

Characterised by its particular sour flavour, which clearly distinguishes it from other jams, Amarene Brusche di Modena PGI jam is ideal for making cakes and shortcrust pastry tarts. It can also be enjoyed au naturel, as a dessert at the end of a meal, and is also very popular with ice cream.

A typical traditional Modenese dessert is the 'amarena cherry tart', a tart with a shortcrust pastry base covered with sour black cherry jam: the combination of the extremely sweet flavour of the base with the sour flavour of the topping gives this cake a unique and unmistakable characteristic.