• ENG Modena ti accoglie. Piacere, Modena.

    ENG Modena ti accoglie. Piacere, Modena.

Modena welcomes you. Piacere, Modena.

There are pleasures which you can only find in special places. Nice to meet you, Modena.
History of arts, culture of flavours, meeting of passions and traditions. It is here that typical PDO and PGI products, loved the world over, are produced. It is from here that unique and special excellences spread. With great respect for its origins, Piacere Modena brings goodness and beauty together, preparing for a future to be enjoyed.

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Typical modenese products

It's the territory that makes the difference. And the territory is never neutral; it is always a special context which is unlike any other. This uniqueness, made up of air and landscape, knowledge and techniques, crops and cultures is today expressed by the word "typical" and indicates how typical products bring together the entire material and immaterial heritage which defines the stakes of the area.

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