Consorzio Modena a tavola

The Soul and Food

This is the link which is at the heart of the Modena a Tavola philosophy. An unbreakable and sincere bond which characterises both the Consortium's activities and the spirit which inspires its members.


It manifests itself on a daily basis in each of our establishments when coming up with recipes, be they testimonies of the culture of the region, or contained in the notes accumulated over time through encounters and experiences. It comes back to choosing the right suppliers to buy the ingredients which will make up the menus. In the curiosity which urges someone to seek out a new producer and to share their technique and production methodology. It is the motive which drives someone, on the trail of a memory, to retrace the regions to rediscover a flavour, an aroma, mouth-wateringly enshrined in a gastronomic speciality.

It is shared when a customer is about to taste a menu, having chosen a restaurant to discover new flavours, or to rediscover almost-forgotten ones. At that precise moment, a relationship is established between the restaurateur and the customer, whose extraordinarily enveloping adhesive is good food.

The "chef" is not just a professional who is called upon to reintroduce combinations, procedures and ingredients in the right measure and at the right degree of cooking, but is a person who "suffers from the same disease" as the customers he welcomes. He is subject to the same fascination: the Soul and Food.

Gastronomy is an infinite discipline where tradition, culture, creativity and passion are continuously amalgamated, generating extraordinary results. It allows experimentation, daring, contamination, within a subject which is constantly evolving. Deciding to do this job in an area like Modena is perhaps easier. Because extraordinary products can be found here. Products which have maintained their particular uniqueness over time.

Since its inception, the Consortium has consolidated and strengthened its image and role, becoming the preferred partner for every gastronomic promotional initiative organised in the Modenese region and beyond its confines. It has achieved considerable merit in the organisation of gastronomic events in various countries around the world and continues to successfully promote Modenese gastronomy at many official events throughout the country.

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