Consorzio Parmigiano Reggiano

Consorzio Parmigiano Reggiano

The Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium is the protection body which brings together all the producers of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, to whom the farmers in the area of origin deliver the milk to be transformed into PDO cheese according to the regulations. Founded in 1934, its tasks are to verify the application of the Production Regulations, to perfect and improve the quality of Parmigiano Reggiano in order to safeguard its typicality and special characteristics. The Consortium also protects Parmigiano Reggiano from imitations.

The Consortium is the holder of the Parmigiano Reggiano PDO marks: each wheel receives a mark of origin at birth (the well-known "dots" and, from the 2002 production, a "casein plate"). In addition, each wheel is examined at an age close to 12 months. Only if it passes this examination is the wheel branded with the selection mark (oval mark). Conformity certification on compliance with the Regulations is carried out by the Quality Control Body P-R (OCQPR), on behalf of the European Union and the Ministry.

The Consortium is also responsible for promoting the consumption of Parmigiano Reggiano in Italy and abroad. The actions which have the greatest impact on foreign markets are undoubtedly those of communication and support for initiatives, including those of a commercial nature, aimed at enhancing the value of the product and growing its image and reputation.

The Consortium, as part of its protection activities, promotes targeted interventions aimed at eliminating cases of "food counterfeiting". The aim is to eliminate fraud and malfeasance from the market, to reduce attempts at new occurrences and to indirectly promote the presence of correct information on the PDO product. The Consortium sits at the most important institutional tables with the aim of protecting the interests of producers. It also deals with the fight against Italian Sounding, focusing on the need for greater PDO protection outside the European Union.

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